Monday, September 6, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD // Audio // Assassin ft. Akir & Mr. Hawkins (prod. Decompose)


Click the cover art to download via usershare. You can also purchase the track for WHATEVER cost you want via NAME YOUR PRICE! It's ALL appreciated!

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This is the type of record the people have come to know and love from Mr. Hood. He reaches back into his revolutionary rhyme bag and pulls out this Decompose produced banger! The record features two of NYC's underground champions, Akir and Mr. Hawkins.

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"like that bottle in the sea, i just hope you get the message/before you and yours concede to your final place of resting"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Audio // "Know Thy Self" LIVE With The Els on Ill Street Grooves

This is a recording from early 2009. Live on WPFW 89.3 S/O to The Els, Asheru, Goldie, The Co-Op, DJ RBI, DJ 2tone Jones and the rest of the Ill Street Grooves Crew!

Video // K-Beta feat Laelo Hood "Smoke With Me" from the Inglorious Beta LP

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Laelo featured on Wordsmith's new mixtape "The Vintage Vault"

Track: Wordsmith – Coming For the Top Spot f. Kontact, Black Knight, Cyrano, Braille, Gripz, Laelo Hood, Lef, Steadfast, E-Major, Sir Aah, Genesis Elijah, Manny Moscow & Junclassic (prod. Stealf)

Download Link:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Rolla" Now on Itunes

You can now show your support by going to Itunes an purchasing my latest single "Rolla" featuring K-Beta and Frankie D. Myself and Inner Loop Records would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Note: This single release contains three versions of the song including an extended version that will only be available by copping it on Itunes.

Click on the cover art to visit the Itunes store and show your support!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video // Studio Session with Kev Brown & Kenn Star

We U-streamed this session and had a lot of fun with it. This is a late addition to the project I'm working on. Kev came by my crib, set up his equipment and made me a joint on the spot. Crazy! We had like 10-15 cats at my spot getting it in heavy. Shout out to Roddy Rod, RBI, J-Scrilla, Grussle, Slimkat78 and everyone else that was in my living room to witness Kev make more greatness.

Free Download // "Rolla" featuring K-Beta & Frankie D prod. by Rah Mac

Download the radio version of Laelo Hood's latest single "Rolla" feating K-Beta and Frankie D of The Co-Op. Produced by Rah Mac out of Silver Spring, MD. Shout out to Karl at Gem Star Pro Studios.

<a href="">Rolla (Radio Version) by Laelo Hood</a>