Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laelo Hood opens up for legends Nas, Rakim & Damien Marley

This was definitely a night to remember. I enjoyed every moment of this night. Especially being on stage the whole time the headliners performed. The funny thing about this night was that Sway from MTV didn't show up to host for whatever reason so Paula,the general manager of Zanzibar, asked me to host the entire event. I was super cised. LOL. I got the opportunity to share a stage with my favorite rapper of all-time, Nas. Of course i brought the ILR squadron out with me. We had to stall after my official set was done because the headliners hadn't showed up yet so i let my brother K-Beta crush shit! He spit like 200 bars over different beats mixed by DJ Jav. Its was an epic night indeed

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